Virtual and hybrid films & events

Whatever happens as a result of the pandemic, the way we communicate has changed forever.

Physical meetings are still a rarity. Video screens have become the norm. And virtual events are merging into hybrid ones.

How to get the best out of events online?

Virtual events can be hampered by poor sound and picture quality, difficult transitions and very little to visually stimulate your audience.

Our virtual events are more like a TV show with on-screen graphics, cutaways, interactive polls and Q&A, live interviews and musical stings, in order to give the audience a more pleasurable and memorable experience.

Case study

Find highlights from a virtual event, produced entirely in lockdown from our homes.

Take your events and turn them into virtual ones

From advising and producing content to hosting the live event, we can help with as little or as much as advice as you need.

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Remote filming

Now more than ever, businesses need to show a human face, which means helping you and your teams get familiar with being on camera.

Over the years we’ve helped clients to successfully engage their audiences through webcasts and livestreams, using a range of visual techniques such as animation, green screen and video.


Remote filming

If you’re looking to get the best out of you, your partners or your teams online, using the best available technologies, we can assist.

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