Coronavirus (COVID-19) – By This River Safety Update

By This River has been working throughout the lockdown operating a safe and remote service using livestream and other remote services.

In line with the Government latest’s guidelines, we are now filming live-action in-person and in-studio, using recommended safe working practices.

Below is our COVID-19 Safe Working Policy and Staying COVID-19 Secure Certificate.

Risk Assessments

  • We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment which continues to be reviewed as further government guidelines are announced.

Planning & pre-production

  • Pre-production meetings will take place by video call and telephone.
  • Remote self-filming will always be offered as an option
  • If a camera crew is required, a full risk assessment will be carried out to ensure the shoot can take place safely.

Filming locations

  • Where possible locations will be chosen outside or in open places where there is plenty of space.
  • If a studio is preferred, we will work in those studios where clear safety guidance and hygiene policies in operation.
  • All locations will need to have enough space to ensure the necessary social distance among individuals in accordance with current government guidelines (2m at present).


  • All employees, clients, cast and crew are expected to handwash whenever they arrive at work or at a location. Frequent handwashing throughout the day is expected.
  • Crew will have hand sanitiser on hand to use in case there are no handwashing facilities nearby.
  • Crew will wear gloves throughout any shoot.
  • Face coverings to be worn at a shoot throughout



  • Our equipment will only be handled by our crew and cleaned with appropriate materials before and after use.
  • In order to maintain social distancing, we will use boom mics wherever possible and any clip-on mics will have to be self-applied under direction.

Travel & Subsistence

  • All employees, clients, cast and crew are expected to travel individually.
  • If travelling on public transport, government guidelines advise on wearing face coverings.
  • Subsistence guidance will follow current government protocols for handling and serving food.


  • All editing will be carried out either remotely or at our premises.
  • Clients will be given access to remote viewing facilities to review and approve edits.

We know things are changing all the time at the moment but if there’s one thing these last few months have proved, it’s that we will always find a way of meeting our clients’ requests no matter what.

We remain as resourceful, attentive and as ready to help as ever so feel free to contact us if you’ve got any questions about video filming in a pandemic.

Take care.





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